Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Endhiran - Part 2 DOT


Now lemme see how this story is stolen for production! 
                                                        PLUTO - October 3rd 3004

A group of Scientists are Killed by a deadly (some shit) who knows??? But one has escaped the Collateral Damage!

                                                         Thirtieth Century Wolf
                                                           Endhiran v Captain

Not many light years behind from now did this event occur in the far off planet, while a group of scientists head out for an expedition! Under the captaincy of none other than who is fit to be called the Captain - Dr.Vijaya Kan("th" is silent coz Can't is also one among the words the he hates in English) ! To the PLUTO, where the captain has no clue what's been happening in the Lame World, with a Super Intelligent RooBo, gets things into a toss! ....Shortly after receiving the Uplink via the World Coverage Media SUN TV...

Captain Vijay Kanth comes to visit the Museum. He sees the Humanoid Robot Chitti (dismantled).....
He is being explained what happened in 2010 and how it behaved with an utmost terror...

Vijay Kanth's eyes turn and his eye brows like a Helvetica Font Ulta 'V'

He puts the sun glass and throws a Sucker Punch dialogue in his fashion:

"Not so soon buster Chitti... We will Meet.. will"and the echoes go on n on n on all over the museum.

Chitti gets tensed and assembles himself...and reaches out and a hundred AK 47's come in from everywhere, but this time with "NO BULLETS"! Damn!Chiiti says n chucks everything on the floor n removes his reserve pistol with a bullet in it, luckily!

Then, he shoots #Vijay Kanth..F-Like, Share, Digg

But, you know what will happen to a bullet fired at Captain..
The bullet got hit and returned back to damage the glass (worn by Chitti )!!!

Chitti goes in search of Rajini Kanth only to find him busy in a movie as hero with Aishwarya Roy's daughter as heroine!!

Now, Chitti turns back and heads towards the Railway track.
There he sees some person trying to jump across 2 km from a bridge to train...
Chitti tries in hurry to save him but, alas... He had disturbed one of the shooting in the movie of Ilaya-thalaivali Dr. V!!

And many such crucial incidents take place!!

Getting angered by the attrocious scenes, Chitti returns back to the museum with utmost rage.
He creates a virus on his own and destroys his memory.
He dismantles himself and shut downs !!

THE END ! Not Yet ! WTF ! Yes this will continue...But this time its the CAptain who does the coding for the new ROBO - ENDICAME, a much promising and ultimately talented prefereably done by the one n only ... U Can't Guess?....

Wait n Watch this Space..ah haa haa haa! Happy Diwali FOLKS ;-)

Lemoncurry - Another Amuseonist spilled the beans, carrots n almost all vegetables, n it goes like:
Wow its been amazing and tough. I am hoping that we win the Best picture award. If slumdog can,then I don’t see why this movie cant. Fingers crossed". He also revealed that the duo Kanth's are in talks for two more sequels titled "2013: idhu dhan da startingu" and "2014: otha idhu inum mudiyala da "

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How far can one go to screw someone's Life !!!

Its over when i say its over!!!
Young New Coimbatorian crows learn to use tools by going to "tool-toy-school", where they can observe their peers at work and learn their skills from the talents.

These crows are renowned for their extraordinary intelligence and ability to use tools to solve highly technical problems created by humans.

Now a new study has revealed more about how they do it. Coimbatorian crows live in unusually a very large family groups, localite's say.

That allows parent birds to take them to tool-using sites, and let young birds play with "grown up" tools.

Talented Crowsmiths
Birds belonging to these crow family are renowned for their innovative behavior, relatively small(nothing in some cases) brains which is smaller than their eye-balls and utmost intelligence(lesser than a garden snail).

Among all the crow groups, Coimbatorian crows (Su-Kaaaka) stand out high as they make the most complex tools of any animal yet studied apart from humans.

For example, they clearly know that the Leader's Statues are the best place to get their shit out on, rather then throwing it all over the place during flight! Sometimes they do target on human beings taking a nap under the tree shades.

Nesting, is one of their outstanding ability. The place selection and the tools and materials used in building it up is quite fascinating until now to the other set of birds. The nest that they would fashion can carry 10 times their own weight, which tallies when they grow fatter day by day. Loud, throaty "caw-aw-ah"'s are usually used to indicate hunger or to mark territory. When defending a nest site or food, coimbatorian crows will usually enlarge their feathers and hunch their shoulders to increase their size and show off their wing muscle. So Beat it, when u hear this!

These tools are usually made to help catch insects, steal Vadas/Puffs and Bondas from the old paati(Granny) and other crows too. The best thing of being a crow is that, both ur hands and legs are the same! Another skill involves dropping tough nuts into a heavy trafficked street and waiting for a car to crush them open, and then waiting at pedestrian lights with other pedestrians in order to retrieve the nuts.Source

However, despite these extraordinary abilities, little is known about how Coimbatorian crows live, and how they grasp these skills.

To investigate, Jerry Louis(Animal Adventurist) and his mates Scientist Dr.Arun Sam(For his Karuths), Anderson Correya(Pet of Animals), Professor Abdul Shabeer(Kalam - He knows nothing), Bhuvanesh King (of Birds) and Kishore(Our Award Winning Photograbber - Not yet n Never will be in his life) at the University of Mudumalai studied the social organisation of Coimbatorian crows in their natural habitat in the Tamil Nadu Reserve, Mudumalai, which lies down Ooty's Butt to the east of Bandipur Reserve and north of Cuddalore.

Observations revealed that unlike many other crow species, Coimbatorian crows are not highly territorial.

Clever Coimbatorian crows can use many tools to solve a single task or a big fight. Their attacking skills are adorable and splendid, where they gang overhead of any victim with any eatables in his hand.

Prior to this attacking flight, they line up on the Electrical lines to get them charged completely - Now u wud know why they are pitch black! Once fully Charged they take off and CROW-over the opposition/victim with utmost force and accuracy! But they do get confused at times when looking at the mirror.

Eventually there might be some mishaps like the one in the below picture but still "Fight or Die" is their moto!

Mishap just after fully charging themselves on the Power lines!
Their Kill-Bill Plan goes like this:    It is almost like an Infantry Assault!

The birds would wait until the victim had moved away from its safe zone(car, jeep, etc) to the open.

Then two blocker birds circling overhead would fly in at high speed, landing right in front of the victim. This will effectively cut off the victim's escape.

The remaining covai killers then target the victim, pecking at it until they had made a Sushi outta him, before tearing off pieces to eat.

Only when the victim was confirmed dead  will the two blockers leave their post, and join in to food fest.

Moral: Be born as a Coimbatorian Crow or Never ever be born! 

"Their social system is based on high quality relationships over a Candle Light Lunch, especially!" co-researcher Sudharshan from Singapore told the nGokkaMakka TV.

A Video example of one of their talents (hidden talents)...

The discovery rules out the idea that the Coimbatorian crows live in complex social groups, and learn their skills from their peers. Their take offs are very quick compared to other birds that share the environment, along with their flight skills and landing skills and immediate take off after grabbing any eatable without the victim realizing! Admirable birds these!

They play a very vital role in keeping the environments clean and safe for their children and ours too. Any left overs on the streets may be missed by the garbage guys but not by these scarecleaners! Yes they are scary to look at but still looks doesn't matter when the good gets going.

Sources from the UAE have confirmed that they had spotted these breed circling around the tamil community hotel areas and also targeting the Saravana Bhavan specials. These are then Hybrid Coimbatorian Crows, since they have acquired the ability of traveling long distances. They do flock over a long distance in high air!

Structuring their education in their own way may also help explain how the crows improve their tools over time, as young crows may learn from their parent's mistakes, like not getting over charged and eventually burnt down to ashes.

In a not long while we will be learning from these mighty birdies about a new culture and existence and survival!

PS: The above said facts are indeed true and very much intended to hurt the damn feelings of someone alive, living and still would live for many years amongst us and until his death!

For more on Birdfacts: FO! This is as much i can waste my time for now! Cheers


Monday, October 25, 2010

A weekend with friends!

Andy, Sam, Me, Soy n Shabeer - Kish Photograbber - STILL
Once again eagerly waiting for the 27th of Oct to head to my native with the usual hopes of meeting up with my family and the best part of going to my hometown is catching up with My dearest friends! Im expecting a road trip ahead of my itenary with the best guys i've been travelling around.

It May happen or May Not happen, yet My mind has already started to plan out many things that i gotta do on this trip!

The Coffee breaks inbetween the check posts accompanied by some Kili's(leg pulling) of each other. The most kili will be for the sooper Soyan - he has a better name Kaaka(Did i say that aloud!) Sorry, its Bhuvanesh Raja a guy with such an enlightning personality(not true) with his charming luks(Bird's Eye) and his sarcastic way of tackling other bad guys like Anderson (Gorrila)- my bad- Correya, a really huge (bodied mainly) hearted person with his sleek body design would take upon Soyan most of the time with his witty quotes and the bad ass Kuridi (Shit y do i do this always! Dhut) Arun Sam Raj, the main reason for the gr8 Soyan to wonder why he was born amongst us!

These three guys are available on bail for me trip ;-) There are still more in this gang of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and yes all of these guys are really kick ass guys when it comes to friendship!

Will share my friendship when i return from this trip! Until then kudos!

Luv Always,


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Trip to Devarayan Durga + Tumkur - Bangalore - Karnataka - India

Is this the entire world shot?

Yay! On top of the World...

Temple - Devarayana Durg

The only standing stone!

This time its Gangeya who saved me!

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My First Blog

This is the first time that i have started to blog. Still confused in what i should be blogging still im gonna start by adding up my adventures and my daily routines and happenings. my favourites, likes, dis-likes, happiness everything that comes to my mind.

Will also try to post as many tips as possible in various sections like travel, public activities, cultures etc whatever that would be useful to everyone! Also i would be much happy if yal could ask me questions about anything which i would try to answer upto the max i know !

There are no category specification for anyone of yal who want to clarify something...

Thanx n Regards,

Jerry Louis